Nicholas de Lange

Nicholas de Lange has been Professor of Hebrew and Jewish Studies, University of Cambridge since 2001. He is the principal investigator on the project ‘Mapping the Jewish Communities of the Byzantine Empire’ and is based in the Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge.

He was educated at Christ Church, Oxford from 1962 to 69. After studying Litterae Humaniores he gained a D.Phil. in 1970 with a thesis entitled: ‘Origen and the Jews: Jewish–Christian Relations in Third-Century Palestine’.

He previously directed the research project ‘The Greek Bible in Byzantine Judaism’ (, financed by the Arts & Humanities Research Council.

His main research interest is the history and culture of Greek-speaking Jewry down the ages, and he is co-editor of the Bulletin of Judaeo-Greek studies.

Selected Publications

Atlas of the Jewish World.  Oxford and New York, 1984.

‘The Classical Tradition in Byzantium’, in A Traditional Quest. Essays in Honour of Louis Jacobs, ed. D. Cohn-Sherbok (Sheffield, 1991), 86–101.

‘Jews and Christians in the Byzantine Empire: Problems and Prospects’, in Christianity and Judaism, ed. Diana Wood (Oxford, 1992), 15–32.

‘Byzantium in the Cairo Genizah’, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies 16 (1992), 34–47.  [A catalogue of Genizah fragments of interest to Byzantinists.]
‘Jewish Education in the Byzantine Empire in the Twelfth Century’, in Jewish Education and Learning, eds. Glenda Abramson and Tudor Parfitt (Chur Switzerland, 1995), 115–128.

Greek Jewish Texts from the Cairo Genizah.  Tübingen, 1996.

‘Etudier et prier à Byzance’, Revue des Etudes Juives 158 (1999), 51–59.

‘A Thousand Years of Hebrew in Byzantium’, in Hebrew Study from Ezra to Ben-Yehuda, ed. W. Horbury (Edinburgh, 1999), 147–161.

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‘Hebrew Scholarship in Byzantium’, in Hebrew Scholarship and the Medieval World, ed. Nicholas de Lange, (Cambridge, 2001), 23–37.

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(with Joshua Holo) ‘Jewish Sources’, in Byzantines and Crusaders in non-Greek sources, 1025-1204, ed. Mary Whitby (Oxford, 2007), 361–82.

‘The Greek Bible translations of the Byzantine Jews’ in The Old Testament in Byzantium, eds. Paul Magdalino & Robert Nelson (Washington DC, 2010), 39–54.

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