Inci Turkoglu


Inci Turkoglu is conducting research for the project in Turkey.

She graduated in 1997 from Art History Department of Ege University and finished her master’s at the same university on synagogue architecture in Turkey from antiquity to the present.

Currently she is writing her PhD dissertation in the Ancient History Department of Istanbul University.

She was awarded a grant by Maurice Amato Foundation of the University of California for her research on synagogues of Turkey as a fellow for the academic year 2003-4. She is currently pursuing her research on the Jewish presence in Turkey. She also trains professional tourist guides on Jewish heritage in Turkey.

She works freelance in the tourism and publishing sectors.




Selected Publications:

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(with Kemal Nalbant), 'Gaziantep Sinagogu, Tarihce, Koruma, Yeniden Islevlendirme [The Gaziantep Synagogue, History, Preservation and Re-functionalisation]' in Arredemento (March 2002), 102–110.

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(with Nevzat Cevik, Ozgu Comezoglu, Huseyin Sami Ozturk) 'A Unique Discovery in Lycia: The Ancient Synagogue at Andriake, Port of Myra,' Adalya XIII (2010), 335–366.

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Quick Guide 'Jewish Heritage in Turkey', Istanbul 2011.

'Jews in Antalya (Attaleia/Adalia)', in International Young Scholars Conference I: Mediterranean Anatolia, 04-07 November 2009 (Antalya 2012), 489–496.



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