Aleida Paudice

Aleida Paudice is a part-time researcher for the project, concentrating on Italy.

In 1998 Aleida received a degree in Classics and Italian Literature at the State University of Milan. Between 1999 and 2000 she spent a year abroad with a scholarship from the Israeli Government and the Rothberg International School. This was part of one year language skills program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where she learnt Hebrew and Arabic. She received her PhD from the University of Cambridge where she studied at Churchill College and the Faculty of Divinity. Her thesis examined the 16th-century Chronicle of the Ottoman Empire by Elia Capsali of Candia (Crete) and was supervised by Prof. Nicholas de Lange.  

Aleida has been a temporary lecturer in Latin language and Roman culture at faculty of classics, University of Heidelberg and a post-doctoral fellow at the Institut für Orientalistik, University of Halle, as a part of the project ‘The impact of the Qur’an on Judaism during the Late Middle Ages and the Renaissance period’. She has also been an Endeavour Australia post-doctoral research fellow at the Faculty of History, University of Western Australia.

Between Several Worlds: the Life and Writings of Elia Capsali. (Munich, 2010).

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