History of research

The first book-length work on Byzantine Jewry was Samuel Krauss’s Studien zur byzantinisch-jüdischen Geschichte. It remains the starting-point for research in this area, even though so much new evidence has come to light since Krauss wrote.

Joshua Starr’s Jews in the Byzantine Empire consists of two parts, a synthetic account and a source book comprising English translations, notes and bibliographical references. The same format was adopted more recently by Steven Bowman for his Jews of Byzantium 1204–1453, which sets out to extend Starr’s pioneering work to the period after the Latin conquest of Constantinople. Two books on the subject appeared in the intervening years.

Zvi Ankori’s Karaites in Byzantium the formative years, 970–1100, while it is ostensibly devoted to the Karaites, deals compendiously with the whole of Byzantine Jewry in the eleventh century, and makes use of a far wider range of source materials than Starr had laid under contribution.

Andrew Sharf’s Byzantine Jewry from Justinian to the Fourth Crusade is a serviceable narrative with a substantial bibliography.

David Jacoby, in a long series of magisterial studies, has placed the study of Byzantine Jewry on a new footing: most of these have been collected together in the volumes of his collected articles such as Byzantium, Latin Romania and the Mediterranean.

Joshua Holo’s Byzantine Jewry in the Mediterranean Economy embraces many aspects of Jewish life in the empire beyond the narrowly economical, from the 7th to the 12th century. 


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